Cendie Stanford-Learning Profile

"This I Believe..."

What are your core values as you consider your new role?
  • Service-Always doing for others
  • Excellence-Everything we do is of high quality....Never settle for mediocrity
  • Commitment to Learning from everyone.
  • Ownership-Own what you do and be consistent about it!
  • Self-Awareness-Being open to change, improvement, and reflection.

6-Word Memoir
Please post your 6-Word Memoir below
  1. Struggled
  2. Strong Willed
  3. Outgoing
  4. Determined
  5. Independent
  6. Humorous

Our Group's Memoirs

Me, As A Learner (Angela Meyers)

  • What motivates you to learn?
    • When I can connect with the content and collaborate with others. Learning about things that are beyond "informative" or "useful", but learning about things that tell a story and could possibly be life changing and really meaningful.

  • What must you have in order for your learning to be successful?
    • I need to be with people who won’t play on your vulnerability. I need to be around people who enjoy learning and challenge ideas in respectful ways. I like to have fun when learning.

  • What causes you to pay attention, even if the topic you’re studying is not your favorite?
    • I learn best when presenters make connections, tell stories, and allow me to collaborate with others.

  • What makes you shut down?
    • Mean people
    • Cocky presenters.... :)
    • Boring Presenters (Death by PowerPoint-too much talking and not enough time to process and share)
    • When people in the crowd are not following norms.

  • How can we create or avoid these conditions in our learning community?
    • Continue to get feedback from participants and hold

Burning Questions

As you journey through the next few days, months and new school year, jot down any burning questions that surface in your thinking...

Personal Connections

What connections are you drawing to your own learning, your practice, your experiences...?


Creating A Learning Symphony Workshop
1. What is your sentence?

2. In what way(s) are you better today than yesterday?

My Next Steps

What is your action plan, what will your next steps be?

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