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“You can’t just sprinkle 21st century skills on the 20th century doughnut. It requires a fundamental re-conception of what we’re doing.”

- Christopher Dede, Harvard Graduate School of Education

This cartoon draws our attention to "toolishness" - a fondness to the shiny beads of 21Ct tools "that transcends purpose & utility".
From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal

Please consider the following questions and post your response to the Discussion Tab:
  • Bling - How do you avoid being distracted by the “bling” - the glitz, glimmer & gimmicks of activities laced with entertainment but lacking in rigor or value?
  • Bang! - What guidelines do you use to develop activities with “bang!” – those that offer students an opportunity to build or strengthen their repertoire of skills (probing, exploring, questioning, awakening prior knowledge, identifying, validating, synthesizing, inferring, leveraging, etc.)

Try This:
Open the chart below and use it to re-assess the lessons posted on the Wiki Dig.
What do you notice?